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Smoked chicken breasts?

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Is this something that just isnt done? o dont hear anything about it ever. I havesome breast to cook tomorrow, and would much rather smoke them with some apple wood, or cherry wood then have to put them on the gas grill. Any sugestions?icon_rolleyes.gif
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Boneless skinless?
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IMHO there is nothing wrong with smoking chicken breasts
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Hey Ron
Boneless skinless breasts.
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I will be doing boneless skinless chicken in two weeks. I'm on vacation and that is part of my menu for that week. Smoked chicken breasts with roasted pepper and wild rice pilaf. No skin to protect from heat so marinating in what ever you prefer is a good idea. Then it's low and slow and keep them moist with a spritz of your choice. They shouldn't take long but watch your internal temp make sure you hit at least 175.

I think I will brine first as well and then marinate. I am concerned about drying out with no skin.
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First things is I would make a good BBQ sauce now the latest one I have been playing with is a carolina gold sauce Pineywoods gave me. Then just grill them at medium heat and let them go about 6-7 minutes one one side and flip an grill for another 5-6 minutes and then suace the one side and close the grill for a minute and then flip and repeat then you should be enjoying some mighty fine chicken breast. We here stilll grill alot but I really do like to smoke everything but some times I just don't have the time.
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I like turning them into chicken fatties icon_smile.gif. I don't see why you can't smoke them by themselves though.

I love the dark meat and my wife loves white, so I'll thrown on the full bird and slice the breast of after smoking.
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Ya I have lots of grill recipes. I was hoping to find a good method for smoking. I like the breast but dont really like cooking the whole or half chickens. My favorite chicken marinade is Very Very Teryaki by Soy Vay.
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Wrap them boneless with bacon, adds a great level of flavor. I usually smoke the ones with skin and ribcage, I just brine for a bit first.
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