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I was wandering around on ebay and stumbled across an old but unused Maverick tabletop grill. Got it for $18 plus a bit for shipping. Figured it might work for the heating of the fridge. It arrived Friday and I put the bow in the garage, but yesterday it was out there calling me. I brought it in the house, unwrapped and was soo excited that I started tearing it apart right away.

Sorry - no pics of the whole unit...but you get the idea from these pics:

Of course with it in pieces, I had to go out to the fridge compartment and see where I wanted it. Decided to give it a shot! At this point, if wrong it would only be a couple more holes!!! Here it is installed:

back of the compartment

Baby steps.... I keep telling myself to go slow! I cant weld and I don't yet have access to metal so I wait for a meeting Tuesday night with one of the race track buddies who has access to all the fun stuff!

As a side note...I found a company that makes the Oven Gaskets for most manufacturers and bought 25' of it for $56 plus shipping. Nice stuff with little clips for mounting.

Still not sure on what will produce the smoke or how. I have the whole bottom compartment or some kind of smoke generator. Still would like to convert the steeel scuba tank, but so far no clue on what to do. My brain cant figure out the smoke daddy type things...anyone have a cut-away drawing of the insides?

Trodding onward!
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All the smoke daddy style generators are is a tube, i.e. your tank. The upper side pipe vents the smoke into the generator. At the bottom of the tube there needs to be a screen that sits up from the bottom a bit. Inside the tube the chips, dust, pellets sit on the screen. I use a propane torch to light the chips, dust, pellets, from underneath. I usually I have a few thumb sized pieces of charcoal to light as well. Once they are going the bottom cap is attatched with the air supply. Kind of a forge at that point. Smoke Daddy has a few videos at their site that pretty well illustrate the device.
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Looks Good

That looks like the same element that I am using.

I picked up the whole electric BBQ grill all WalMart at the end of the season.

I think that will be fine. I think it is rated at 1500 watts.

You may want to add some heat sinks help hold in some heat as well.

I know some folks use plain floor tile or fire bricks, You have the room and they help with recovery time.

I made my own smoke generator similar to the smoke daddy. I like it, I made mine large enough that I can burn chunks in it. I think they burn cleaner and longer than the pellets.

Yea you could have went out and bought one from the store, but there is something about the pride of making it yourself.

Baby steps yes but thats what it is about. Remember, it may not (will not) be cheaper, but it will be better!

Keep the picture rolling.
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