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Benjamin everything thing looks awesome. I did some wings and drumsticks a week ago. But I do want to bring one thing to the smoking guru's. Is it ok to use a metal bowl to brine or cure any meat? I was talking to an oldtimer a couple of weeks ago and got the stern finger shake from him. I am not trying to hijack or be a jerk. I may be wrong because nobody else has brought it up. And we do have a bunch of excellent knowledge.
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i dont have any other container big enough to use myself. but i dont see a problem with a stainless or aluminium pot.
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I agree with you about leaving the chicken in the brine too long, next time try about 4 hours, and sub 24oz of your water for 24oz of beer, and finish up on a 350* grill. Also I use a 1 gallon zip lock bag.
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As far as I know I have a hard time believing that an SS pot would have any adverse effects on anything especially since its my brew pot. Now if it were aluminum maybe but still think it would be hard. One of my rules of thumb is "If its good enough for brewing beer, its good enough to cook in" since everything in the beer world needs to be super sterile etc.

Other than that I have no clue, but cant see it truly having a taste difference. May just be an old timer that was misinformed (not saying that he is) but I have ran into a few older guys like that. Not their fault they just missed when it was disproved in their lifetime lol. Mostly this happens with older guys who use to brew. They say "Ohh well you cant do that" when in all reality it was just a little confusion that they took to heart and never looked into again.
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Great job on your first brine.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifI've never heard of oil in a a brine, gonna have to try that. I agree with the others, once you brine you never go back.
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