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Another Brisket On The MES, Trying Higher Heat. Oh, And QView Too

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I decided I wanted to try higher heat and see how it turns out.

It's an IBP Select a little under 15lbs from a local meat market.

I separated and trimmed alot, then rubbed with Durkee steak rub and put in the fridge overnight. I injected with beef broth and apple juice and put on about 7 this morning.

I've got the MES set on 275 but it's having trouble getting that hot with it cold outside. It's a little over 30. It's been running between 250 and 265 pretty well. All the previous briskets I've done have been at 220.

Here it is at 6 hrs. The flat is a just over 180 already. I'll probably take it to about 195.
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I'm interested to see how this turns out as it's much higher temps than I have ever used, looking good though!
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I'm also very interested. I've done many, many briskets using a variety of wood and charcoal fueled smokers, but when I did my first brisket on my new 40" MES, I ruined it - I mean it was unedible, had to be thrown away.

I was heartbroken to say the least. Again, I've done many briskets, and they're simply delicious, but I struck out solidly on the MES. So until I figure out how to do brisket on the MES, I'll be stickin' to other meats right now.

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At 7 hrs the point was almost 200 and the flat was around 193. I'm getting some variance with my thermometer, don't know if I need to clean it or what.

Anyway, the point is almost falling apart and the flat is really tender with some firmness still there.

I'm really happy with trimming as much as I am. I might be losing some fat flavor but with injecting it's still pretty good.

I don't see any disadvantage to higher heat. 7 hrs for a 15lb brisket is great. Of course separating helped too.

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It appears that it is going to have some good bark!
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Smoked this one with hickory by the way.
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Treytexag, what happened with your brisket? I've done 3 or 4 already in the MES and they've all turned out pretty good. I didn't inject the first one I did and it was dryer but still had good flavor. I guess I kind of like my brisket fairly dry and use a little bit of sauce but I have eaten the last few with no sauce at all.
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I'm curious myself. I've done a couple that turned out pretty good. The one thing I've noticed though on the MES is that it seems like they finish a little quicker than you'd expect. But as long as I"m going by temp of the meat, I've had no issues.
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" Started with a Brinkmann electric, the heating element broke so I replaced it with an adjustable one from an electric grill. Works great for controlling temp. "

What burner did you install as I have an ECB that I want to do that to ..
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It was a cheap electric grill from WalMart that had a temp control like on an electric skillet that plugs and unplugs. I cut the hole in the ECB to a rectangle just bigger than the element and it had 2 holes to drill and mount. I guess I better take some good pics of it and post. It is actually a pretty good mod..
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Man a 15 lb brisket in 7 hours that would be nice for sure. But I'm still going with the old school way of low and slow.
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I need to get a scale so I can have an accurate measurement after separating and trimming.

I'm going to try foiling on the next one to see if I can get some more moisture. I like them the way they've been turning out but they are on the dry side. I don't think it's any dryer at 250 than it is at 220.
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Here's one for an Old Smokey.

It's more than what I paid for the whole grill but might be something to look for.
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Is there a reason why you are separating the flat and the point? foil works nice but I have always finished off with out foil just to firm up the bark at the end.
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I started separating just experimenting mostly. It also makes it easier to fit in the MES 30".
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