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is it wrong to start drinking at 7:30? - Page 3

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If its 7:30 am on the third day in a row, you might have a problem. Otherwise go for it. You only live once, you might as well live it with all the gusto you can. Somebody should make a commercial about that!!

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You are well with in the time frame for beer...have one for me....or maybe I will have one for myself.

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why wait till so late in the day?   start early when you wake up

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I have to agree with Bigdale

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It's OK as long as you only drink on days ending with a "y".

As Frank Sinatra said: "I feel sorry for those that don't drink a lot. When they wake up in the morning, that's the best they're gonna feel the rest of the day."

Or Dean Martin: "You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on."

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i used to work 3rd shift so i was getting off work at 7:00 in the morning. so, to me,  it was like having a beer in the evening.

there are bar & grill type places in the town i live in in iowa that open as early as 6:00-7:00 in the morning. at the end of the work week, i'd go to one of these bar & grill places to get some breakfast and suck down some suds before going home home to chill out. 

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there are times in the summer  I know iam not going anyplace  I will check the blade

And gas on the mower and you know its going to be a beautiful day go back in the house

pop me a beer open a 9am go for it I get up 530 or 6 any way There are a lot of the liquor

store open a 7am here in Alaska


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Absolutley not. As long as you are not handling sharp blades, gun powder, gasoline, and you can handle the surprize neighbor or fellow parishoner dropping by with no warning, well then, enjoy. Oh forgot one- the ladder. Stay off it! 

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Nah - it's 5:00 somewhere!

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