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wanted grilled chicken that wows

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my smoker is under construction, so im having to grill these chicken pieces (not whole).tomorrow .and i aint got a clue i rub ,marinate,lather with sauce im lost ...i need that" WOW FACTOR" all ideas welcome
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killer for chicken or pork

i get rave reviews and requests for recipe every time with this.
6oz orange juice
2oz lemon juice
1 bulb garlic minced fine yes 1 bulb
2tsp cumin
3tsp salt
1tablespoon oregano
4oz water
marinate right now and youll be good for tommorrow
you wont be dissapointed with this
gre3at injected in pork loin too
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When I do chicken on the grill I either sptachcock it, split it in half or into parts. I cook it on indirect heat with the bone side down for a good part of the cooking and then carefully finish on the skin side. Increase the heat a little but be diligent to catch any flare ups before they blacken the skin. I shoot for crispy skin that has rendered most all of the fat out. If you are saucing with anything sweet, put it on near the end turning frequently to firm up the glaze but not burn it. I love smoked chicken but grilled chicken can be killer good.
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Mix up some yellow mustard with a little garlic powder, a shake of cayene, salt, pepper, and a little soy sauce. Let them marinade all night and grill. It will knock your socks off.
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We did this Bobby Flay reciepe with thighs on the grill last night and finished with some of Rivet's brisket sauce towards the end of cooking. Bobby's 16 spice rub is great. Only way I will grill chicken now.

Bourbon BBQ Chicken with Sixteen Spice Rub

Did not make the bourbon sauce, as I had some Rivets left over, but will probably try that next time.
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I'd definitely marinate them in something.
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Thats interesting a rub containing sixteen spices and not a one of them paprika icon_surprised.gif Sounds like it could be worth a try though.

I did some root beer galzed chicken wings on the grill last weekend. Wasn't in the mood for a long drawn out smoke for some reason. So I just switched the snp over to the grill mode and made a couple of pounds of wings and finished with the root beer glaze. It was very good.

I just washed and spiced my chicken wings with a seasoning blend. Just use your favorite blend or rub.
Grill the chicken wings until done then put them in a foil pan. Oh I will add that during grilling I moved the wings away from the coals and added a bunch of apple chips foiled in aluminum to add a kiss of smoke flavor.
Drizzle the root beer glaze over the wings and then stir to make sure they all get a thin coat. Return to the grill for 15 20 minutes to allow the glaze to warm and carmelize a bit.

Root Beer Glaze:
1 Cup Root Beer (room temp)
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
1/4 cup ketchup
1T Dijon mustard
1 tsp red pepper flake

Whisk together ingredients in saucepan Bring to boil and reduce heat. Simmer uncovered until mixture reduces to roughly half stirring occasionally.

This recipe dosen't make a whole lot of glaze once it's reduced so if you are making a big batch of chicken I would double the recipe.
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