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What's wrong with a guy EARNING a trip to Hawaii for all the hard work he puts into running a business? Don't forget, he also has to lease or pay a mortgage on his property, pay his utilities, licenses, taxes, pay his employees and supply them with benefits and pay a higher cost to all of his distributors than Wal-mart has to pay and, thus, his items cost more. But at least you're not lining the pockets of the wrong kind of people. Trust me, Wal-mart has plenty of lobbyists in Washington doing all the things you guys are complaining about. They will never get a dollar from my wallet.
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Wally World

Don't shop there only because of the rude people in the automotive dept. This was true in Arizona and remains true in Oklahoma. Thanks Bob in Edmond for reminding me how much I hate going there. Have not been back since your rude remark.
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My personal boycott began several years ago when i saw "the high cost of low prices" a documentary about walmart. I Didn't agree with the way they treated their employees. I hear its better now but still don't care. I think Sam Walton was a business genius but is probably spinning in his grave now.
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When I was growing up in the Chicago suburbs...there was a ma and pa grocery store every 10-15 square blocks...they all thrived....I know we bought from them all the time....the fore runner of todays' convinience stores......but guess who put them out of business.....larger chain stores like Kroger....Jewel....Dominicks and all the other larger chain grocery stores.....and of course the larger chain convenience stores that every town the cycle keeps on repeating itself and if you can't adapt like hardware stores have managed to do like Ace ,True Value and etc by banding together to increase their purchasing power and therefore offer products at competitive prices against the likes of Home Depot and Lowes then they have no good business option but to go out of business....sad as it may seem !!!

Wasn't Wal Mart the one in the news a couple weeks ago about them having to lay off quite a few thousand employees ???

As in the words of "Larry the Cable Guy"...if you don't like Wal Mart...then just DON'T SHOP THERE!!!

Q Dawg
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I'm not a Walmart lover or a hater....but....ANYONE can send out a list and say that it is a list of facts.....who says these are really facts...everyone should know you can't believe everything you with that said....what are we to believe...has anyone researched these so called facts ???

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I , like most of you am a grown man. I don't have my own business.
I DO have a family to support. Love Walmart or Hate it, The bottom line is
STILL the bottom line. They are within sight of my back porch. They got the ONLY packers around these parts. I really don't like it there because of the fact I don't like crowds. Still, I got a wife and 3 rottweilers to keep up. and the bottom line is ,after all, the bottom line..

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Wal-Mart, or Super Wal-Mart in my case is what it is. Its the closes grocery store, and for canned goods, some produce, and household goods its cheap.

Their meat blows unless you like enhanced pork, etc. PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif I dont buy meat @ Super Wal mart.
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