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2nd attempt rib

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Well Valentine's day is Sunday and I am smoking up a feast for the wife! ! I am gonna give a turkey fatty a try ( go ahead and snicker my wife wants a healthier version so I caved) then I plan on attempting ribs again. Went to the meat market today and picked up a five pound rack of spares. qview for sure this weekend! ! And also got sum HUGE shrimp that I plan on whippin up for an app! Hope everyone has a good weekend !
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That's kind of funny because I did laugh at the Turkey thing. But only because my wife is the same way. Man, I married the woman & now, ten years later, after all of the fried chicken & such, it is health kick 2K around my house. I told her, if it won't grill or smoke, I am not eating it. Good luck on Sunday. Looking forward to those pics.
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Yea I hear you having to cave into the wife Now Thats a Smart Man Alright. One thing about that turkey fattie I would make sure that you bacon wrap the fattie. Now for the ribs I would smoke them up an enjoy them too with loads of some good ole BBQ sauce.
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will do on the bacon wrap I'm sure it will end up being turkey bacon ! !
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I think you've just opened the door for those spouting heathy eating! Can't wait for the Qview and to hear how it turns out. Having never tried a fatty - YET...I think the turkey idea may work for my wife too!
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I did a turkey fattie with turkey bacon for my X a few years back, she loved it. I filled it with spinach & feta.
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ok so the fatty didn't turn out that great the turkey didn't want to stay together! But the ribs went on at noon

first I trimed it all up

and seasoned them with carolina rump shake

about 5:00

I sauteed up sum shrimp and asperagus

it was soooooooooooo good

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Looks like a fine meal PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice. Love the ribs.
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ribs look great
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Looks like you guys ate pretty good!
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Next time, put the shrimp in an aluminum pan with some butter and Old Bay seasoning and set them on the smoker for about an hour. Now THAT'S some good shrimp!
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Exceeeeeeeeeeelent!!!! Love those ribs. icon_cool.gif
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Good idea, I bet they would be good. Great job on the ribs.
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Looks like a great meal to me. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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