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Small smoker???

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Hi everyone I have a 48 Lang and love it. But when I am looking to smoke one chicken are pork butt it seems like a wast to fire her up. Some time ago some one was making what look like a little lang. I would like to see if anyone would know where I would be able to get one?
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Is this what you were thinking of?
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Yes that's it thanks
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T here are times I feel the same way my friend but if ya got plenty of wood around it ain't that big a deal when ya think about it. I have been toying with the Idea of a UDS or a bullet smoker as a secondary unit. I want somethink that will fit in the wood box of my Lang to strap in and carry if I want. This way I can do chicken hot and low and slow without trying to compromise the temps between the two. Good Luck.
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I would suggest a UDS.
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