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That recipe cant be right you have to soak them for at least a day to soften them up? to each is own i guess, the ones in the can are hard like that so maybe some people like them like that?
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I like to cook them in quart jars processed in a pressure cooker. A year later they're just as good as the day they were boiled. No need to freeze them.
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I love boiled peanuts! Being from Georgia, it's something you start out eating before you can walk! We do grow peanuts here, but in my opinion they are not very good boiled, too mushy. I like mine a little crunchy. I buy them by the 25 pound bag off the internet and they come from New Mexico! They are called valencia peanuts. I boil them and put them in gallon freezer bags and in to the freezer they go. I like them cold or hot. I've recently been experimenting with adding chili peppers while they are boiling. Not bad, but the plain are my favorite. My daughter lives in Utah and I recently sent her 20 lbs. She said some people love them while others are just grossed out. LOL!
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Alright. Where is this Internet company that you buy fresh peanuts from? I really do hate bugging my family in GA for such trivial things: "Oh, HEY! I haven't seen you in 10 years, but send me some peanuts, onions, and pecan chips!"
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Oh man, I get these in GA when visiting my family there. I think anywhere passed Miss. You will get that look, LOL. Man this struck up some memories.
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It's I have made several purchases from them and pleased every time. Pretty fast shipping too. The only thing is the shipping, but when I buy 50 lbs. at the time it comes out to about 2.00 a pound. In my local store they sell the ones that I don't like (mushy, yuck) for 1.99 lb. so I'm okay with it. I just opened my second 25 lb. bag and will start boiling tonite!
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I wanted to mention that most people over salt their peanuts when first starting out. The reason for that is the peanuts don't absorb the salt until the end, so if you're tasting them along and keep adding salt you will end up with salty nuts. After the salt has dissolved taste the water, that's what your peanuts will end up like. I've been boiling peanuts about as long as you guys have been smoking meat! LOL!
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Thank you, ma'am! Now I just need to find a pressure cooker somewhere. smile.gif
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You do not have to soak fresh dug Green peanuts...They boil up perfectly. Tender not mushy...certainly not hard. Never ate any out of a can so I can't comment.
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Are they shelled or unshelled when you start ??????
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If you are talking to me they are in shell. ~~~ You dig them up out of the ground...wash them to remove dirt etc. ~~~ They are green peanuts ~~ Commonly seen in grocery stores (bulk displays) in the fall of the year. --- Sold by the pound...HTH
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Was talken to anyone that would answer Thanks for the replay This old Kansas boy didnt have a clue icon_mrgreen.gif
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You're welcome! They're very popular in my area...Road side stands, fruits stands etc. sell them mostly in the fall of the year already boiled. Delicious!!!
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