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Just looking for opinions on this smoker. See any obvious flaws? What do you think something like this is worth? Thanks!
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I'd guess at least $250
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looks good to me. thats what im looking for too do you know what he charges.
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Not yet but I hope to find out soon. Thanks for the replies!
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Be sure to share, thanks.
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just talked to the guy seems nice and knowledgeable hes going to get back to me with a price for a trailer one. says his pits are really close to gator pits but a whole lot cheaper.
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the 16 x 40 gator is $780 so this one should be cheaper than that, check out this guy, 24 x 36 out of 5/16 steel is $450, 24 x 48 for $650 one guy on the forum shipped a 24 x 36 from tulsa to chicago for about $200
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Just spoke with him and he is a very nice guy. He's been building them as a hobby for ten years now and says it is starting to take off. The smoker listed he said sells for $1,400.00 which at this point is too rich for my blood. Guess I'll have to keep looking for that incredible deal lol.
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that is a kind of high
check out this guy
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