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First Pulled pork

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Started w/ 8 or 9 pound shoulder. Didn't get any in-process.

Half ready to pull

Half pulled

It all went into the freezer, and we ate the spares that I smoked at the same time.

Very tasty!

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This might be a dumb question but how do you pull the pork. Thanks

Also great work!
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Nicely done!
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Well, I use my left hand.......with a fork, and another fork in my right hand. Or sometimes, just my hands. Pull till you're done...that is until it's shredded to your liking.

Ok, I'll stop

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Looks darn good to me!
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Looks good from here - glad it turned out good for you points.giffor your first one
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Ok, I thought it was something like that but I did not know, Thanks.
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Where's the other half? icon_smile.gif

Great Job first time pulled pork.... Anything you will do different next time or did is go smooth and taste the way you want?
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