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Everything looks great so far to me. Man after I looke at the smoked Qview you are going to have so good brisket tonight and thats for sure.
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Thank you. My confidence was waivering there for a second.

Here is an updated pic when I added more lump & did an apple juice spritz.

This is at five hours, 15 minutes. Internal temp at 163, grill temp at grill level is at 230. Is the probe on top in far enough??
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lookin good, like the color you got on that already. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks good, but is the probe in the center of the meat? Looks like it should go in another inch.
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Thanks for the observation. I was wondering if I should move it.
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This is a link to a movie that I grabbed about an hour after I started smoking. Notice the heavy flow coming from the back. I have some ideas about fixing this. The smoke was from my White Oak chips in a silver chip box.

These pics are after flipping the brisk, turning it 180 degrees, moving the probe & another spritz.

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Last pic before I pull her in a few hours

It is 9 PM & I am almost there. Shoot, an allnighter is welcome over this all day stuff as I am more nocturnal than normal. Anyway, last shot before I pull her. Brisk is at 173 degrees.
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Nice Cut

That cut of beef looks REALLY TASTY! Can't wait to see some sliced pics.
Bring it.

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I am just about ready Dave. I pulled it at 181. I am wondering if my brisk cooked to fast as it was exactly 11 hours of a 13 hour smoke. Hmmmmmm....anyway, to tease your tastebuds just a little while longer, here are a few more qviews:

This smells so good, I can't begin to explain it. We should have a scratch, sniff & lick view.

Just a little closer look at that baby:

She is striking a pose. Go baby go.

Time to wrap you up honey.

Brisky taking a nap.

Whoever is paying attention, should I wait until tomorrow to cut this baby or will it still be juicy when I heat & serve it tomorrow, if I slice it tonight??? (Please respond because my wife is standing over my shoulder begging me not to cut it.)
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You need to let it rest for a an hour at least. Preferably longer.
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It is resting. I am asking if I slice it tomorrow, will it be as juicy as if I were to slice it in an hour or so?
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Mmmmm Mmmmm......Juicy

Okay, maybe not so much so. The first bite started off a little dry. I could not taste the flavor of the smoke. My wife, of course, dis-agrees. Then I keep slicing & slicing & slicling & suddenly, I find my thirty dollars.

I guess one day I will become the "Master" carver. Until then, it's cave slices for everyone.

I could not really taste the two smoke's I used, White Oak & Pecan. I think I am a mesquite person. My wife raves. I think she is my #1 fan. I could taste the flavor of the whole garlic inserted in various locations around. The middle was soft, juicy & tender. No tough chewing here. Now to try it on my guests later on today, as it is Saturday now. Oh, I let it rest for 2.5 hours, since I had to make a midnight run to the grocery store.

I hope the views were to everyone's liking. Thank you for letting me share.

These shots were after I signed off. I went back to finish cutting & I realized that the dry part was right at the front of my airflow from the foil / baffle. I started cutting that meat & it talked to me. Squish, squish, squish.

All I can say is, WOW! I can not wait until my next one which will be a full packer. Ooooh....burnt ends. I heard so much..........
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looks good.........about the not enough smoke for you, remember, if you were out tending the fire you have lots of smoke in your noze already.........your wife may not.
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Generally, the longer you let it rest, the more liquid it's able to reabsorb. Also, moisture will seep from the wetter parts of meat to the drier ones, like a pot of rice. This is why I never end up with dry meat. I wouldn't worry about over-resting it; in a decent cooler, you've got quite a few hours before it drops into the danger zone (cue Kenny Loggins). I doubt you'd be disciplined enough to let it sit around that long. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

As for smoke flavor, you definitely get desensitized tending a fire. Smoke in the evening, rest it overnight and taste in the morning; it makes a difference. If you're used to mesquite, other woods are going to taste a little weak. Maybe start with a little mesquite and then move into the lighter woods. I tend to think that fruit and nut woods need a "backbone" of hickory, oak, etc. underneath.

Oh, and congratulations on a good smoke! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I am sure. Everytime I walk into the house while smoking, my daughter follows me around with a knife & fork. LOL!!1

Thanks for the compliment. When you say underneath, is that mesquite first & a fruitier wood afterwards? And if so, how long for both??
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