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SnP Mods

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Finally got around to doing some mods on the SnP my step-father gave to me. It's always been pretty consistent temp wise, but I think these mods may make it even better.

Here it is before...

And with the new baffle...
Made from 16ga steel, with a series of 15 5/8" holes. No welding on this one. It's just attached using an existing bolt hole from the firebox.

Another shot of the baffle in place.

And a shot from inside the firebox...

Now onto the firebox:
The charcoal grate has always been too low in the box, causing the fire to choke out after only a couple hours. So, I raised it up a bit.


With the braces welded in...

Another shot of the braces...

And finally with the grate installed...

I can't wait to cook on it! Hopefully this weekend.

Next project will be to make a new cooking grate. The plan is to set some slide rails so the new grate can be slid in and out for easier loading. Most likely made from 1/2"-3/4" angle and expanded metal.
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looks nice there ... the coal grate is exactly what I need, my first cook the fire pretty much choked out on me, it was still going in the middle tho even three days later I went to vac it out and it was still smoldering haha ... not bad if I was doing jerkey cause it would be easy to keep the low temp in it... baffle tho decent idea I could use something to that affect to keep the bulk of the ashs out of there ....

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I think you are on the right path with those mods. I hope those help you out.
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