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Painting the inside of a UDS?

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I am in the process of building a UDS using the methods I have learned on this forum. I am almost done and just had a thought. Instead of removing the liner, as I have just done, couldn't you just paint the inside with high temp resistent paint instead? Has anyone ever tried it or is this just an insane thought? Sure would save a lot of labor and soap.
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You mean seal the liner with a high temp paint? If so I don't think that would work. As the UDS heats up the liner under the paint could still melt or release toxins. I don't think I would trust that. Burning it out is the best way.
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I suspect the universal response will be no paint on the inside of the drum......ever.

Burn the liner out (easier to do if you start with a barrel that doesn't have a liner to begin with), get the inside down to bare metal....or as close as you can.....wipe it down with a light coat of oil and season it in. The first smoke you do will finish the seasoning job, the whole thing eventually turning blacker than black.
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Yea I wouldnt' think leaving the liner and painting it would be a good idea.
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Don't paint the inside of your UDS.

Bad idea.

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Thanks folks. That is what I thought the responses might be but just had to ask. I got a good burn on the one I am making and it is now down to bare metal. I appreciate the input.
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Agreed, no paint.
Just burn it out and Pam it or bacon grease like I did, killer aroma!!biggrin.gif
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Are ya gonna post up some qview of the build?
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You've got it made now. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Hardest damn part of building a UDS is finding a drum with no liner or getting one with a liner down to bare metal.

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If you have a liner in it, burn down to raw metal. Next, spray down the inside with cooking oil and "SEASON" it.
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The only part giving me problems at this point is the bottom of the barrel. I think the fire I burned in it just did not get the heat needed to the bottom. So, I think a torch will finish the burn for me and then see what the wire wheel brush will do. As was stated, I am almost there. I will post pictures of the build when I get done. Thanks for the help.
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