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My Valentine Butts

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I’m well into the mound of meat we brought home last week.

I started with a meatloaf then onto pork spares. Both were delicious. Next up were two beautiful butts. About 16 lbs total.

My bother sent me a Q’ing care package for Christmas so I thought I’d give the rub he sent a try. So, one got Jeff’s rub and the other was liberally sprinkled with Hogs Tail Rub. Then it was into the cold box for an overnight stay.

I was going to do this on Tuesday (a non golf day) but decided to put it off until yesterday because our fearless forecasters here in the Metroplex predicted snow for Thursday (a golf day). I know those of you in the North East are snickering but snow’s more of a novelty here and if I don’t have to be in it, I won’t. Know what? The forecasters didn’t disappoint.

So, it was overnight in the frige, then to the smoker (about 3 hours to get to 160), the foiled for the oven (2 hours to get to 190), towel wrapped in a cooler (about an hour to 200 or so), then pulled and eaten. Thing is I forgot which butt got the Hogs Tail and which got Jeff’s. I just had to taste both and it was pretty easy to tell.

Both were wonderful and we’ll be enjoying the leftovers more than once.
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Those butts looked very good
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what temp in the oven?
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looks good
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When they came off the smoker, I foiled wrapped each with about 1/2 cup of apple juice. Stuck them in a 230 oven to bring the temp up to 190 to 200 or about 2 hours. Then the towel wrap for each and into a cooler for an hour.
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Nice work, looks great! :)
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