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Breaking News: Old Dog Learns New Tricks

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I was looking forward to posting my first Qview after my Super Sunday smoking episode. However, not being real handy with a computer has caused not only blood pressure problems but thoughts of what a 5 pound sledge could do to my laptop. Cooler heads prevailed. I think I got this.
An old dog can learn new tricks.

Without further ado, my Super Sunday. Suggestions and/or questions are greatly appreciated.

CharGriiler set up and ready

Vent mod

Pans of water to keep meat moist and even out temps

Two racks on; the fun begins

An old brick smoker I built years ago

Temps looking good

The obligatory Miller Lite

Making progress

Chicken quarters added


We're having fun now

Does your SFB do this?

Foiled after 3 hours; on for at least 2 more

Meat thermometer says we're getting close

That's what I'm talking about!

The dinner bell is ringing

A Super Bowl feast

My Golden Retriever will be happy
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MMMM....looks great.

Nice job on the qview.
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Nicely done!
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congrats, the posting pictures aspect of this hobby is almost as hard as the cooking aspect.
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Great job Old Dog, er Mick
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That last pictures truly tells the tale! Nice job!
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That looks like a great dinner. Nice job with the qview. Points for the Old Dog learning new tricks points.gif
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Looks Good...
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Looks good, well done
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