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Temp on MES for Rib-Roast

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Gonna try my first smoke on the MES and it's gonna be a Rib roast That we bought last weekend. Have it "dry aging" now and have a few questions.
What temp should I cook it at? I'm thinking 225.
How many min per pound?
Rub will be salt, pepper and granulated garlic. Want to keep it simple.
Can I to some ATB's at the same time? I know to put them on later but will the temp be ok?


I will remember to post Q-View.

I have some hickory chunks and MES says to use chips. Not sure I see any diff if it will fit in the pan. Can I use them or should I go get some chips?
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I do mine at 225' till internals are 130' for rare.

I also use chunks that I split to fit. I think the abts should be fine.

Good luck!!
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Dave, I'm of no help at al here except to say....LISTEN TO WHAT RON SAYS! I've saved some of his posts/Qview on rib roasts for when I do one. Check them out, follow his methods...seems to me you can't go wrong.

Good luck -- give us some Qview of your smoke.
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I would rub it the night before and let the meat sit in the refrig and it will help to flavor the meat too. Then smoke it 225 is fine and I also would take it to about 130ish for rare and then your abts you should be fine with them too. Now as far as chunks you can use them if they fit into your chip tray. Just like Ron said
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I use the chunks as well. They work fine.
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I like to keep it simple and let the flavor of the meat come through. I rub it with Evoo then sprinkle on garlic, salt, and pepper sometimes I will add a little rosemary if I have it. I smoke at 225 till it hits 135 internal then tent foil for about 20 minutes before slicing. I find it usually takes 45-50 minutes a lb for mine to get done but go by temps and not times
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