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Which To Buy ?

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Which thermo would you buy if yours was worn out or if you did not have one ? Thanks for answering .
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I purchased the Maverick et73 a couple weeks ago. Have only used it twice but I like it.
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I like many others like the Maverick ET73
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I ordered the ET 73 yesterday on Amazon.
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Taylor at the Lowe's.
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Thermapen icon_mrgreen.gif
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Now I have a maverick and others to the main thing is to test you thermometer to I do it alot just to make sure I really don't like over done meat.
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The Thermopen is great. It is truely an instant read thermometer. However, If your lookin your not cookin so I like the ET 73.
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I like my ET-73, especially for monitoring the grate temps. I did get a Thermapen for Christmas and boy is that a great tool to own. Not sure if I'll dirty another meat probe again. But we'll see.
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thermopen! I've used the others and they're ok, but I like my thermopen.icon_mrgreen.gif
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depends on what you want it for......i don't think i've used my monitor therm more than 4x's. i have a really good themocoupler and a much cheaper talor that i will use to stik poultry but for everything else i usually just go by "touch" after a certain amount of time.........just me.
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I would do both a ET-73 since you can monitor grate and meat temps remotely while smoking and a Thermapen so you can do instant checks around a product to make sure you are where you want to be. Also, thermapen is great for checking steaks, chicken, etc, quickly on a grill where you don't want to expose your ET-73 probes and cable to high radient heat when grilling.
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You might want to check out the items BBQ Bonanza has for sale on eBay. This is the guy that owns and is a good honest seller.

He has a bunch of thermometers that are selling for a good price. 2 Thermopens are now at $72.00
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just bought at

ET-73 at $39.95
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