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1st pork loin with qview

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I'll preface this by saying that a friend and I did this to try and get a catering job for a golf tournament, the guy who is in charge of the tourney likes to go with a restaraunt in kearney called skeeter barne's, we feel we're cheaper and have better food so we thought we'd make a sample platter of pork loin and brisket and send it over to his superbowl party with some home made sauce. Sorry about the lack of pics, we had a looong night drinking the night before.

no prep pics, rubbed with jeff's and put in the smoke (hick/cherry) for about 3.5 hours @ 225, pulled at 155.

cut on the bias in hopes that it would be more tender, it was great!

the whole sample platter ready to go, everyone had good things to say, hopefully we get the job! thanks for looking!
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Very nice! Good luck on the job.
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Hopefully you get job.
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nice job....good luck!
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I saw your brisket entry and it looked really good too. Now you have some good eats to and I'm checking into a small catering bussiness myself. But with soem drug reps that already have ate some of my Q too.
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Looks great. Hope you get the gig. Be sure to let us know what you hear.
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sounds awesome man, we're kinda starting from scratch, although we just bought a pull behind smoker today, so i'm excited about that :) where you from balli?
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