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Breakfast fatty #2 with qView

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After telling by work buddies about the magical nature of the fatty, I let them con me into making one and bringing it into work.

the almighty bacon weave.

eggs, green peppers, onions, seasonings.

regular jimmy dean original sausage.

I seem to go a little overboard with the fillings, they're rather hard to roll up, I'm alright with that though!

all done!

cross section, sorry about the crappy photo, had to take it with my cell phone, the thing that made this better than my previous breakfast fatty was the addition of maple syrup, which i squeezed on before the cheese layer, gave a real nice sweet hint to all the salty meat. The guys at work were amazed, rave reviews! Thanks for looking!
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Great looking Fattie - nice touch with the syrup
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man that looks good!!!
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I am inspired to do the same for the people I work with! Nice job! I too like the syrup touch.
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That is really nice lookin. Good Job!!

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Looks Great! Make sure the co-workers reward you for bringing in a fatty to work!
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Now your fattie looks awesome too. And we all have been conned into bringing a fattie to work it's not their fault it yours to. You just wanted them to know about the fattie and how good you are at smoking. You can admit it we all have done it too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
PS. Heck now I have to fix smoked meat for everyones Birthday too.
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Great job on that fatty and q-view
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