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Thats some fine lookin beef!!! Last tip I did was 10 lbs too. Took 18 hrs but I took it to 200 after foiling at 140. You're in for some fine dining for sure!
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Thanks Dude, I did get to bed early last night (early for me, anyway). Then, I had to get up @ 5:30 AM for a 90 mile drive to a safety meeting for work. Just now got home again and need to run a 70 mile R/T drive to correct a goof up on our tax return (thanks to a new gal at a tax service), pick up a couple whole trimmed 7-bone beef ribs for smokin', have some dinner with my wife and college boy, then I'll be home for some more R &, no rest for the wicked, huh? LOL!!!!!!

Well, I haven't had (made) much of time for firing up a smoker (or 3) since Christmas. I've decided that if I won't be smoking very often, I'm gonna make up for it all at one time, load up a rig and just let it all happen.

I've gone after the larger cuts lately, and they can take quite some time to cook. But, I really haven't done many all-nighters until recently...I think I mostly just wanted to experience it more and really get into that zen of cooking, where nothing else will be as important as what I'm doing at that point in time...then I can just sit back and watch it all come together.

I guess you've got to have the right mind-set and just be ready to commit yourself 100% to the smoke. It really does give me a good feeling when I see it all coming together, and a very high level of satisfaction after everything is ready to eat, watching all the anticipation as my family & friends get ready to dine, knowing they've been enticed by the aromas of the smoker for hours and hours...seeing the smiles and hearing the comments when they start eating...

This is the best part, when I know that it all worked well, because the meal is being enjoyed by those around me who matter to me the most...that just turns my crank, brother!

BTW, I enjoy sharing the experience with everyone here on the forum too, because all of you here are very important to me as well. The members of SMF are part of my family.

Thanks brother, it was a blast doing this smoke! Some guys might think that going into a smoke knowing it could take 18+ hours is just plain's an experience that will always stay with you, and no one can take away from you. Every smoke is an experience, the all nighters just take it to another level.

It did! Thanks man, I was more tired than I really felt...I remember setting my alarm to wake up for a meeting for work, laid down in bed and rolled onto my side...lights out after that.

[quote=Smoking gun;442457]Thats some fine lookin beef!!! Last tip I did was 10 lbs too. Took 18 hrs but I took it to 200 after foiling at 140. You're in for some fine dining for sure!

Thanks SG, it really is pretty dandy eats. What you did with foiling I bet was awesome...I can't believe I didn't even plan on foiling after hitting the plateau...well, I guess that's because of wanting it for cold sliced beef sammies. Man, my brains are still scrambled from this smoke..heh-heh-heh!!!!

Thanks again for all the support guys! That makes it even more enjoyable!

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Everything looks great. I need to try a brisket once it gets above zero.
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Thanks, hey, why wait?

Your UDS should do the job. From what I've read here on the forums, a UDS doesn't seem to care much about the the minion method with a good sized coal basket...should get temps up OK and last plenty long enough. I really like my gassers in the winter...getting temps up is never an issue.

Brisket is king in my book, and my first one (18 months ago) was a flop of, I can't smoke brisket often enough, 'cause everyone here loves 'em! GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!

Good smokes, my friend, and stay warm...I grew up in S/W No Dak...wicked winters back then.

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Had a blast reading this thread Eric! I always pick up some smoke vault/cooking tips from you and I appreciate your play by play!!
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Eric -- I finally caught up with the end of this one. I really enjoyed this long delicious smoke & post. Awesome job. You have inspired me to do an all nighter sometime, and to have a play by play post like this. It was fun and informational to watch. I look forward to being on the other end.


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LMAO!!!!!!!! I missed ya must have flown a charter Lear jet...Casper would be the main vein in this area for commercial...then drive for, uh, gotta be careful here or I'll have a couple dozen squaters...LOL!!!!!!!

Thanks Mark, I like to give all the details I can...if it helps/inspires someone, then it's worth doing.

Cool brother!!! The first one can be a bit rough to stay awake, but posting up pics and a few details helps keep you going. As the smoke progresses into a more comfortable stage, you may want to drop by chat for some company between posting your updates, especially if you get too drowsy...

Some guys may disagree with this, but I've always opted for non-alcoholic beverages on the all-nighters, I gotta have my cappuccino!!!!!!! LOLOL!!! It's my personal choice for an easier night's smokin'.

I have found that with each one I do, they seem to get the point where I didn't really feel tired after eating this smoke. I probably was still pretty excited about the whole thing, too...kinda hard to come down off a natural high like this one.

I'll be lookin' out for ya!

Good smokes, and take care everyone!!!!!!!!!

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