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10# Round Sirloin Tip, 12# Brisket all-nighter- qview - Page 2

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Eric - thanks for responding to my question above. These pics really are awesome. It's almost like being there. Well, other than I can't smell the smoke, or taste the food. But it really is great. I keep checking back for new installments!

You have bunch of us hooked on your thread I think!
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Replies & 17.5 hr update


Thanks Dude, it does help a guy keep it going when you've got the support here on the forum...everyone pulling for ya...that's just one of many reasons for taking lots of pics!biggrin.gif

You & me both, brother! Thanks!

Thanks, patience is a major key to life...and certainly applies here as well.

Heh-heh-heh, smoke deliveries through PM's aren't an option either...

This seems to be dragging on pretty hard, but it is what it is.

Last internal temps were 165* for the tip, 174* in the flat and 172* in the point of the brisket....getting closer to separation/resting of the flat, and of course fabricating those burnt ends!

Thanks all!

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I'm getting seriously hungry here.
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i am loving this play by play, as well as your descriptions of how and why you are doing things the way you are. I am learning so much every day on this site, and i am really wishing i could be smoking every day.

Thanks for this thread.
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Man oh Man I went all the way thou this thread anf I thought I was gonna get some really yummy sliced Qview and I'm alittle earliy. Now I just about to start cooking dinner and it sure doesn't looks anything like your brisket and sirloin tip but it will be good I hope but yours looks soooooo GGOOOOODD too. Man now I have to wait I better you are eating a hole in your arm to get at that thing.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hey guys & gals...I had a thought (I know could be dangerous...LOL!)

Hey all! Thanks for hangin' with me on this and supporting my labor of love!

I just got back from a quick unplanned trip a mile downtown after checking temps, etc (brave move, I know).

I've done the full packer with burnt ends already, and for the sake of not going into duplicate pics and explanations, here's the link to that thread...look for post #41...that's where the separation/cubing/double smoke for BEs/flat foiling & resting begins if I recall correctly.


I have noticed alot of new active members here in the past couple of days, so this will keep you up with the low-down until I get this smoke finished, in case you've not done it or looked at this method before.


I'm getting very close to pulling temp right now...gotta check things for a minute and see where I'm at.

I'll post a few pics after separation, and cubing, and of course the final results.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! I just checked the time...20.3 hours into the smoke for the tip, 20 for the brisket...I had to double check that myself..started tip at 8:00 pm...it's 4:20 pm now......PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Oh well, I'm still kickin' strong! LOL!!!!!!!

Back soon!

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OK, Is it only me or does this seem like a long time???? A guy could starve to death.
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just read the whole thread, jeez buddy that's a long smoke, you're the man!
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BURNT ENDS are in the Vault now!

Heeeee-heeeeeeee--heeeeeeeeeee!!! It's not just you! I'm about dyin' here, brother...I haven't eaten a thing since about midnight last night!!!!!!!

I think I broke my record, by several hours on this one.....crazy!!!!!!!

OK, burnt ends smokin', flat is wrapped and resting in towels, round sirloin tip is @ 176* my last check when I popped the BEs into the vault.

So, my slow time just got REALLY FAST PACED for a bit...gotta love it!!!!

Here ya go...posted as many as I have time for sorting uploading before it's time to get ahold of the tip.

The packer just out and ready for a "quickly as I can" disection while still hot as heck:

And a jerky rack with a nice load of burnt ends...these are faily large cubes of ~1.25-1.50" and length up to 2":

I'm about to go to brisket heaven (again), well in ahbout 2 hours...I bumped the chamber temp up to 260-270*...won't hurt the tip as it's nearly ready to foil and rest:

Gotta check the tip!

Man if only I had my wireless security cameras running in my smokin' santuary right now...that'd be soooooo cool!

Back ASAP, my friends!!!!!

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A couple quick notes here before I forget...

The temps of the brisket were 189* in the point and 181* in the flat (nearly perfect) when I pulled it...I deliberately put the point over a hotter end (about 10*) of this rack space and it payed off...the probe fell right into this stuff like it was room temp butter...this stuff WILL be great eating for sure!

The burnt ends from the point of the packer were very nice texture with alot of juices still inside, so they're gonna come together as well.

The tip was sitting @ 179* when I ran out to pick up my daughter from her after-school job (first day today). When we got back, the tip was still 179* gonna pull it to wrap and rest in a bit regardless of temp...target was 180*.

So far, the tip has taken about 4 hours to rise from 175* to above 179*...crazy, crazy smoke.

Round sirloin tip is next out...

Man I'm starving here!

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They look great
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Now I'm not only hungry I'm also drooling all over my keyboard. I need to go find some food.

You done Good!!!!!!!
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Tip is out!!!!!!!

Can you feel the excitement here?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Check this out...it's resting peacefully right now in foil/towels...pulled it @ 181*:

TIC-TOC, TIC-TOC, TIC-TOC, TIC-TOC, TIC-TOC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can ya wait for about 45 more minutes???

I'm about to get the steel back out and a nice carving knife for the flat in a bit. BEs should be out in another 30-45 minutes, then the tip should be about ready for final TLC.

Best I can do folks...hang in there!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!


EDIT: official smoke time for the tip was 22:02...the packer was ~21.5 hrs
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So Hungry.............

Huh. Dave has drool. My flight just landed in Douglas. Where is that taxi again???

It looks really good. God, I used to watch Man Versus Food & that guy had me hungry but this is making my mouth water. icon_lol.gif
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Burnt Ends and sliced Flat at last!

The flat was a touch dry, not wicked dry, just a little...very good flavor and texture. Maybe I'll try fat-cap up next time just to see for myself what it can really do...in this case it probably would have helped the moisture, being such a drastically long smoke.

Burnt Ends were of course delicious...I cranked up the vault to 400* degrees for the last 10-12 minutes as the Schwann's dude was here and loves my cooking, so I wanted to send him away with some BEs and a double-stacked sammie. He loved it!!!!

Tip to follow very soon...I promise!

Thanks all, I'll catch up with replies when I can breath again...the suspense is killin' me!!!!!!!!!! LOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Slicing the tip for samples

OK, this is your last chance to confess!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!:

The tip was somewhat dry due to the higher finished temps...I would probably go to no more than 160* (just above the melt-point of the connective tissues) if it were going straight from the knife to the table, hot.

It did melt away the tissues very nicely and makes for a more tender chew, without sinew.

Maybe I'm different, but I like my cold sliced whole meats drier to hold onto condiments and cheese better...they might keep a day or so longer in the fridge, also, but I'm not sure on that.

Well, that's it for now!

Thanks again everyone!

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Now go get some sleep.

Great smoking journey.
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The heck with the meat, just look at all them delicious looking crunchies. Sometimes, I think the crispies are the best parts.

I'm curious though about one point: I've followed several of your sagas over the past few months and how come your's always end up being all-nighters and well into the next day? I appreciate your dedication to the art-form.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great post. This is what it's all about points.gif
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I hoe this message finds u asleep Eric.........Great job my friend !!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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