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Whole round tip?

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I was looking for a top round roast at Costco, but, instead, saw whole round tip roasts. Is that the top and bottom round roasts together? These were 7-10 lbs. each and were literally round or close to it. I really want to get a roast on my GOSM to slice for sammies and wondering if this will do. Any thoughts?
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That's a whole 'sirloin tip roast' which comes off the other side of the round (on the back of the femur) from the knuckle of the shank to the knuckle of the rump. It is more tender than the top round and will make excellent sammies!
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Hey BOS, I've got one going right now...10.39# with a brisky to keep it company.

Check out this thread the afternoon/evening of 02-10-09...I'll do my review of my first round tip when it's over:

I'd say pull the trigger, 'cause it's sure to be great for sammies!

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Thanks muchly, Pops and forluv. I'll get one next time I head to Costco, hopefully this weekend. And, I'll check out that thread, forluv.
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Actually the sirloin tip does not come off the back side of the femur. It is off the front of the femur or the side closest the head. As best I can tell the whole round tip would be a cut of the top, bottom , and eye of the round cut way distal just above the pot roast. But the sirloin tip is basically compossed of a three sectioned muscle and sits just under the sirloin which is cut off the front of the pelvis.
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