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UDS lid fit...

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It took 2 months but I finally got an old weber grill off of craiglist.
My question is how tight does the lid have to fit? Does it have to be air tight or just set on top with gaps.icon_question.gif
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Tighter the better. If it rides on the lip a the drum ya can add a strip so it fits up better. Ya don't wan't alotta air gettin in round the lid er the temps could be hard ta control.
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I went and bought a cheapy. Bent the lip out flat..set it back on drum...and tapped it down w/ a mallet w/ a new lip. Seals great.
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Travcoman45 is correct!

The tighter the better. I added a strip of fireplace gasket to my lid. It improved the seal a bunch.
Good luck.
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Not trying to hijack the thread,

Did you use the hinges to hinge the lid??

I used the same lid as Thunderdome and I seem to heve a little smoke coming out of my lid-barrel joint if anything..
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Thanks guys, may try putting a gasket around it.
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