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Oh Noes!

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Look what the UPS man brought! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

I still smell smoke on my fingers.
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I wish he would have brought that to my house!
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Great look'in stuff. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Can you send him to my house.
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Mysterious articles

I'm fairly new at Q'ing, so what are those things and what do they do?
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Sweet! For sure interested how this is going to work on your Char-Broil Double chef. Mine arrives tomorrow and I'm ready to get it going.

So basically its a temp control right? A regulated fan to keep the temps steady?
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Yes sir! i will post a blow by blow.
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That is so cool. I want one of those. Congrats.
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You can actually build something very similar for fairly cheap if you have some basic electronics skills.

This is the page, along with a buddy at work, that got me started on building mine for the fridge smoker that I got recently.

I'm hoping to have mine all built by the end of the month, some parts are still being shipped.
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Very nice. I use the Digi-Q with two 25cf fans for my pit. You're going to love it.
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why dd you decide to go with guru over the stoker?
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Something to do while the snow falls? Some serious mods 'bout to happen.

I'm almost wondering what kind of mileage your going to get when you're done. Thought about contacting Toyota?
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Yea were gettin the white stuff. I think with the bigger coal ring and the Guru I will get some sleep. At least on the longer cooks. I need to find a bit to drill the hole for the adaptor. Step bit at HD is 40 bucks! Going to be an expencive hole lol
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Now what is it exactly I'm a gasser and I don't really know what all that stuff is. Is it one of those keep your smoker at a certain temp things. Like the ones the "slap your daddy" BBQ team uses with his smokers.
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Yes. It's for keeping the temp.
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