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I got a brinkman vertical g as smoker for Christmas, so far I love it easy to use and great results,
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If you can find the newer small gosm anywhere, they have a drawer for both the water and for the chips. Thats what I got and I love it. Lowes carries them around here, I got my new one at bass pro, picked up the last one at the time.

The GOSM is not a really heavy smoker, but I like it that way because I take it with me to bbq's and to my dads. Have been really really happy with it.
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Thanks. I was looking at a Brinkmann, but someone mentioned that they leaked quite a bit around the doors. Have you found this to be true?
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They can leak some at the door, but that is when you are making too much smoke anyways
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Sounds good. They are definitely on my short list. Do you notice any taste from the propane?
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nope. Years ago I would never had thought of using propans, now I love it. I know it is not the purist way but I got good out comes
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you wont taste the propane, but you wont get as much smoke taste as you would from a charcoal or stick burner either. Thats the main reason I got rid of mine, and switched back to charcoal.
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Maybe after I have more experience with smoking I will buy a good charcoal/wood smoker. Too much of a NooB without much confidence and don't want to spend a lot of time tending. I guess that makes me a bit lazy. icon_redface.gif
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its all good, I started with an electric ECB, then used an cheapo offset for a few years, then went to gas for a few months before going with the WSM, for me the WSM is just as easy to operate as the gas was.

I can easily go 9+ hours @ 230 degrees without touching a vent, adding wood or charcoal, or opening it.
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