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1050 lbs

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the local bacon festival is getting out of control, 583 lbs last year, 1050 lbs this year plus 60-70 bacon explosion fatties.
They were taking proposals for cooking it all but that is way beyound anything I am jumping into. The $35 ticket price is a rip but it seems to sell out faster and faster each year, from what I understand several of the bar owners take half of them before they even go on sale to the public
Info on the event found here.

various videos from last year

bacon eating contest (HELLO)

the first two years it was held in the parking lot of a local bar(two really) that has 105 beers on tap and 100 different beers in bottles, the afterparty is going to be at these two bars this year.
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So that kinda looks like fun, but yeah thats alot of bacon.
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I Love It!

and they have a resident cardiologist to boot!
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So, how much bacon did the contest winner eat?

These are the guys that claim to have invented the 'bacon explosion', so anything else they claim in their promotions is also suspect IMHO.
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WOW thats aload of bacon for sure. It shoukd be fun too and you wanted to see about smokeing all of it you most be crazy. But it does sound like a whole lot of fun thou.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Man I've really got to get out more. I've never even heard of it and it's in my backyard. Looks like a great excuse to to over induldge on bacon and beer.
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Jay its always sold out so it don't get alot of attention and they don't really have to advertise it, the guys that own bait shop and high life tap have partners and are partners in other businesses around town, Heissen House, Django, Chentro, Gateway Market, Fong's and several others just around des moines are involved but I can't keep them all straight and which guy is in on which one, some of them are partners with guys in other cities who have a stake in some of the places here. I suspect you really got be a regular at one of there places to get a ticket. We'll have to have our own bacon festival with the DM people this summer, I'll donate 10 lbs.
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