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I have an BGE that usually holds temp well. Last night I put 2 butts on around 7pm. Used some newand some old lump charcoal and watched my temps till around 11pm held at 250f, and then went to sleep. Well I wake up at 530am and my smoker is cold(around 130). I open it to find all the lump is burnt up and my 2 butts temp at 110-120f. I have restarted the fire and trying to save the food, any danger in that? As cheap as butts are right now I don't wanna get the family sick. mad.gif
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The rule is you have 4 hours to get the meat from 40 to 140...out of the danger zone.

I would be very wary if you are not absolutely sure.
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Did you get an internal temp reading before going to bed, or does your thermo record highest temp achieved? If it peaked above 140° you should be ok; no different than resting in a cooler.
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Pops has some sound advise. If it didn't get to 140°, don't chance it as it was in the danger zone too long of a time.
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Except there are recommendations about cooling times too. When resting in a cooler you don't want it languishing between 40° and 135°

I'd toss it.

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The two problems you have here is you don't know what temp the meat got to and you don't know at what point they started cooling down. As bad as I would hate it, I wouldn't chance eating it without knowing. You don't know if it ever got to temp, and if it did, at what point did it drop below 140 and how long had it been cooling before you found it. Another issue would be when you probed it.

According to intact muscle rule, if you didn't insert a probe before the outside half inch reached 140 then you possibly would be ok on that part. 250 for 4 hours should have the internal to 140. Thats where the unknown comes in and you don't know at what point your cooling down and for how long. It's those 6.5 hours after that you don't know about. Even in a cooler, once you drop below 140 your back into watching your times to keep it safe.

When you start throwin words in there like it should have and might have and it probably did...... I start stepppin away from the meat. There is a possibility it is ok..... just too many unknown factors for me to say it would be safe to eat.
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I got a reading before bed

It was over 140. Can't remember what it was but it was well over 140 I'm thinkin 158 but I don't remember. When I woke up I stuck it with my stick thermometer to make sure my probes were accurate in my other thermometer. Like I said earlier they were at 110-120 but the egg read 0. So with the weather I assume(we all know what that does) I lost temp around 3 am. I got the egg going again at 630 and it's at 154 right now. I guess I'm doing it for practice for now. This was my virgin Butt runPDT_Armataz_01_08.gif so I guess I'll get it to 205 and pull it and then throw it outicon_mad.gif.
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Yeah I would toss it.....botulism is nothing to mess around with.
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Another piece of information for your reading pleasure.

At the end of the document there is a table that outlines different bacteria, what they do, and which ones produce toxins that are heat stable.

It is the heat stability of the toxins that would make the meat unsafe to eat even if you cook it to 190° or above.

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It sounds like your not gonna like this one very much and I would toss it and then it's better then getting the family sick. Sorry man
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