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Wings on the charcoal Q-View

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Marinated them in Italian dressing overnight, then rubbed half with mesquite BBQ and the other half with a Buffalo style rub. Here's the before and after!

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Nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifI did some wings yesterday too. Just threw them on the grill. Didn't feel like getting involved in a long smoke yesterday. Had a group of friends over for the game. It was nice to be able to visit and have a few beers.
Anyhow I dusted my wings with Kansas City Tailgate Rub I got from Beer-B-Q which is excellent stuff. Threw them on the grill with some applewood chips for a little smoke. Pulled them off put them in a foil pan and covered them in a root beer glaze I use for when I do ham. Put them back on the grill for about a half hour to carmelize. Turned out great. I love wings I surely do icon_mrgreen.gif

I wish I could score some of those nice resteraunt stainless steel pans like you have there!!
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Any chance you'd be willing to give up that root beer glaze recipe? I'd like to try it on some ribs sometime. My father-in-law did them once and they were amazing.

My mom hooked me up with that serving station/warmer for Christmas a few years ago.....going out of business sale at Linens n Things. Something like 75% off. Nice, nice.
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That looks good!
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Congrats, I know that skin was E to the T!
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