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1st smoke, Suberbowl, Snow What?

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Big plans for Superbowl. Mother nature intent on working against me. Major snow storm Friday - Saturday. Work 24 hours at the Fire department with a working dwelling fire and no sleep. Come home Saturday, shovel 30+ inches for a few hours, weather forecast for Sunday was windy. Residing myself to thinking I was going to have to cook all my pork inside.

Sunday morning; sunny, blue skies, light breeze...Time To Q!

This was my first smoke with WSM. It is absolutely amazing how this things holds a temperature! 2 slabs of spares and a basic Fattie. We had too many people and this stuff went quick. Messy plate presentation brought to you by Captain Morgan.

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Great looking fattie, really stuffed well. Is that a 2 pounder?
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Great lookin' ribs. Had a line for a WSM on Craig's List. Missed it by ' ' much. Will keep looking.
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2 pounds of smoked heaven. It got better reviews than the ribs. Hopefully because it was new to the crowd. I think most were expecting sauced ribs. I prefer dry.
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Awesome determination and a grest smoke.
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