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Galvanized vs Stainless

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I just got a huge sheet of expanded metal from work.......its kinda a shiney rough looking silver.....all the old timers at work say its stainless.....i just wanna know if there is a way to make sure its not galvanized.....i havent messed with any of this stuff before. Please excuse my stupidity.

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tough to tell by your discribtion, a pic would be helpfull. Try a magnet, they won't stick to most stainless, but will to galvanized steel.
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Agreed 90% of my metal id is with a magnet then to a grinder.
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Don't use a magnet, its not a sure way to know.

IMHO, lets look at the obvious. Stainless, is stainless, e.g. it won't rust (under most normal conditions). Galvanized is only protected on the surface; although the steel is protected from the zinc as a sacrificial annode, it should still rust a little bit if you expose the surface.

So cut some of it, dip it in salt water and see was happens in a few days.
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ok thanks guys...a magnet will stick to it.....but like said thats not a sure way to tell....
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If you have a welder available you could run a short bead on it and that would tell ya. galvanized will make some thick white smoke and it will almost look like little spider webs floating in the air. this maybe not the safest way but as long as your not welding alot and breathing the fumes you will be fine. Most of the expanded metal i have ever seen has been stainless, not saying the piece you have is. but the old timers at my shop usually know thier stuff.
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post a picture of it ,close up.

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I will as soon as i at work now and will have to go to my sisters to borrow her camera...mine is broke
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I guess I was depending on some experience in my first post. magnet will stick to the lower grades of stainless but barely. Galvanized has a specific look.
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