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Delicious Smoke

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I completed my first smoke and it was a big success.. I did a 8.5 pound pork butt and a 5 pound chicken..Couldn't have been more delicious and tender. Flavors and smokiness were a big hit among the superbowl party. I have definitely caught the smokin fever!!

I will post photos tomorrow, pretty beat from gettin up at the ass crack of dawn to get my fire going.
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Well let me the first to say great Job and some points.gifgo out to you for your first sucessful smoke and I'm really glad that everyone likes it too. Really isn't that why we do it.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great job,glad it turned well for u and your company.
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Gview of first smoke

Got a little anxious on the chicken before I took a photo. I also did Billbo's BBQ sauce, which was amazing. I vacuum sealed it up in one of my canisters for future enjoyment! Definitely recommend.
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That looks Q-Licious

Thanks for sharing..
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Looks good! I am going to try that sause -- it sounds delicious!

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Congratulations on your first smoke! A big success. Now do these aging eyes a favor and read up on posting pics through photobucket. You can get those pics resized to make it easier for us aging smokers to see. Good job!
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Will do! The photo files were two big to post so I had to minimize. I will look into photobucket.
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Great first smoke - looks like it turned out awesome.
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congrats on yer first!
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It seems that the pork stayed very tender, but the chicken dried out over night...I know that chicken has a tendency to do that especially the breast meat, but was wondering if anyone had any tips about keeping chicken moist over night, besides lathering it in BBQ sauce which would be delicious. Sometimes I have added a little chicken stock before I store it, but thought I'd throw it out there see what other people have had luck with. FYI like usual the darker meat kept moist.
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