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UDS and heat

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I have been reading alot about the UDS. How long can it maintain 225 with a single bag of Kingsford? Lets say that there is no wind and about 65 degrees. Thanks.
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I seasoned mine a couple weeks ago with 10lbs+- of Kingsford and 5 chunks of hickory keeping temps around 250 for 14 hours.
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Depending how big your fire basket is you should be able to go from 12-20 hours. I have a nice big basket so I can go for quite a while. I have not used charcoal yet I have only used lump wood. Once my lump wood runs out I am going to try a bag of charcoal and see how I like it and if it varies the run time at all.
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I use Royal Oak, bout a 1/3rd bag at a time an get 6 hours easy outa it.
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What Tip said. I use a 1/3 of a bag of kingsford blue and get at least 6 hours or more.
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Lump from hardwood and it runs 12 to 15 hours. Towards the end when it starts dying out, I have to give it a little more air to keep it going.

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My basket is 13.5" in diameter x 8" tall. I have run my UDS for 18 hours on 2/3 of a bag of Kingsford Comp Briquettes.

I imagine you would get 12 to 16 hours out of it pretty easily depending on the size of your basket.

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Thanks everyone for your replies. I am going to build me one, once the cold weather ends.
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LOLOLOL screw that bring it in the house if no garage dont be held back from the fun !!!!!!!!
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