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Anybody use pellets in MES?

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My local hardware store sells Traeger grills & pellets. They have about 8 different kinds of wood pellets. The only chips I can buy around here are cherry, hickory, & mesquite. I would like to try other woods & am wondering if the pellets would work in my MES. Has anyone tried Traeger pellets in their MES?
Thanks, Al
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pellets work fine. burn well and completely. like chips you will need to replenish every 30-40 min or so.
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Yep..... work great. I use pellets from BBQ Delight in the MES and the Smoke Daddy.
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Thanks, I'll pick up a bag next week.
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Only downside I see in them is the cost. You don't need pellets, but that is the only way to get the variety you want then go for it.
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I agree, they are more expensive, but the flavors you can get are really nice. I love the oak herb with rosemary, sage and thyme. It is awesome on poultry. The sassafras is great on pork loin and bacon. It actually takes very little to get the desired smoke. If you experiment with it, less is more in my book. I don't have to use a lot to get a nice smoke flavor.
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