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Bacon Explosion w/Qview...

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These things were crazy awesome... I followed Jeff's recipe he sent out last month.... Switched in colby jack cheese and used green peppers and onions.. But used his naked rib rub and BBQ sauce.. Amazing!!! I teach high school metalshop, my boys ate these up and lets just say it was awesome!!!!

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Looks and sounds great. Nice weave too.

Just a thought - you might want to try and learn to post the pics directly on this site using photobucket or one of the others. There are a lot of folks that won't click on a link because they don't want to risk picking up a virus from an unknown site. Others (my brother's blackberry or my I-touch for example) either won't go to a link, or take way too long to go there.
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Thanks for the tip, I think I added them and have them up on the thread directly...
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Yep and they look great! Nice and big for my "still drinking coffee" eyes to see too. biggrin.gif
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man. that looks absolutely freakin delicious, i bet your metal shop boys's eyes were bugging out of their heads at the sight of those two bad boys, nice job!
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Fantastic job on those fatties.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Where's the explosion? I dont get it?
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Ah not sure MeatEater... Just followed the recipe that the owner of this forum put out there.. I guess the bacon flavor just explodes in your mouth, that is for sure!!
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