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1st pork butt

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Looks like a few of us cooking butts.
Mine is 8.5 lbs. Put it on at 8:30am. Planning on 12-13 hrs cooking. Will pull it and save to Super Bowl.

Pulled it out 30 mins prior to cooking. Injected with apple juice, worchester, and rub. Nice not too spicy mix from ruffs bbq in Denver. Put the same rub, with a mix of their sweet rub on the outside. Temps have been running in the 220-240 range. Using persimmon wood for the smoke.

Going to wrap in foil at the 165-170 range. Take to 200-205 before pulling.

Thanks for the great advice in other threads. I'll post pics when done.
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Sounds like you're off to a great start. Hope it turns out perfect for you.
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Make sure to add the finishing sauce at the end. It really makes a great difference
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I have a bbq sauce I really like. Not too sweet -

Here's a pic after the smoking. Temp was 170. Time for foil.

I'm getting excited.
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That looks great. So when exactly is dinnericon_question.gificon_question.gif
I thought I smelled smoke from that part of the neighbor hood.
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Looks like a great success for first time!
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I like the color.

beard points.gif
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That bark looked nice
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Dinner isn't till tomorrow. It's for super bowl and I didn't feel like getting up at 2 in the morning!!!! You are welcome to stop by. We'll have plenty. Only a couple friends stopping by and 8 lbs of pork. PM me if you're interested.

We do need to meet up. I'd love to see you prep the meat and the smoker one of these days. You have way more experience than me.
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Looks Good...
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After 2 hrs in the cooler I finally cut into it.

Tastes great. Very moist and pulled easily.

Will warm in crock pot tomorrow for the game.
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