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Killer Super Bowl Slaw w-q/view

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No reason to buy preshredded cabbage, and some factory made slaw dressing, even more unacceptable to me is buying slaw from KFC. Doing it @ home, shredding your own cabbage and carrots, and making the dressing is too simple to buy it.

Dressing: find one you like on the net and go for it

mix, all shredded in the food processor:
1 head green cabbage
1/4 head red cabbage
1 red onion
2 carrots

cabbage mix:

slaw dressing:

mixed and in the fridge til tomorrow(let those flavors come together):

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I haven't had good slaw in ages. Never made it myself, just curious, what do you use for dressing?
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doing my version of a mayo based dressing. mayo, cider vinegar, sugar, black pepper, .. all of the above to taste.
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Looks Great, very colorful...
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If you published a cook book with that qvue you provide, I'd purchase one ... dang that stuff looks good, Jim!
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I appreciate that
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nice lookin slaw jim!!! like you mentioned with coleslaw that set overnite or at least 4-6 hours really does the trick with the flavors!!! great pointPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yes it is some good looking slaw there Jim. I like to add some fresh garlic gloves for alittle tang and then some chili powder for a differant taste to sometimes
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those sound like good adders, ill have to try that.
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Great looking slaw.

Can't remember the last time I bought bottled salad dressing. Slaw is so easy and versatile. From the classic Southern style to Asian they all taste great and are good for ya. Food processor, mandoline or good sharp knife will all break down a head of cabbage in no time. No reason to buy that stuff in a bag.
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I agree the difference in shredding your own vs the bag stuff is night and day.

I also agree bottled slaw, or any salad dressing is a waste imho. Makaing them from scratch(1000 Island, Russian, Italian, etc) is so easy and better.

Im looking forward to a mound of that slaw ontop of a heaping portion of pulled pork for my halftime samdwich. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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nice!! thankas for sharing
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