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Moinks and Butt.

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Getting ready for a beer tasting in Warren, MI. tonight, I elected to provide some of the munchies. I think this butt was one of my better ones yet as far as looks go. Tossed it in the 30" MES at 10pm last night, and just pulled it out a 2pm today. I rubbed it in Billy Bones BBQ rub which is made here in MI. and injected it with some apple juice/vinegar mixture. Smoked it using maple and pecan wood chips.

The moinks are rubbed in the same rub, I wish I had time to make real meatballs with some cheese in the middle but oh well. :-) The host is providing us with schweinshaxe-mit-kraut, or kraut pig knuckles, which will be a first for me. Sounds good though, pork and sauerkraut!

10 lb butt.

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nice pics. looks like you knocked it out of the park. points.gif
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Those are look'in good.
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Nice looking butt and balls. PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif

Pig knuckles? PDT_Armataz_01_32.gif
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Great looking smoke...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

You might think about cutting the size of the pics down from 1280X960 to 640X480, I had to scroll my 24" wide screen to see the whole picture.
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That looks awesome. I too am curious about the pig knuckles
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OH My!!! You done good son. That is some good lookin Butt. I bet it will taste as good as it looks.

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Gorgeous pics, made me drool. Gotta be worth some points just for that!
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Good looking spread, gotta try some moinks soon.
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I just did 2 butts with the Billy Bones. Probably the best butts that I have turned out to date.
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