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Best Baby Back Ribs EVER..

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Ok, i FINALLY have the confidence to say that i FINALLY got the Baby Backs right. They were EXCELLENT. 2 hrs regular, 2 hrs wraped in foil with a little Apple juice and then 45 min or so till complete. Marinated them overnight and added Honey to marinade and coated Ribs 15 min before complete. Next time i will take 30 min of each 2 hr session, they could be a little overdone. Marinating had a little more tendering effect then i thought. But all in all, the best ribs i ever smoked. And since the smoker was cooking anyway i added 5 sausages and a chicken for my neighbor. And i must say, i like Hickory a lot better then Apple. A lot less smokee taste.

Will take photos next time.
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congrats on your smoke!
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Never marinated my ribs, may have to give that a try.
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id like to see some pics of the "best bb ribs ever"icon_rolleyes.gif
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congrats on your smoke
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congrats. it's a great feeling when you finally nail it huh?
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Glad they turned out so well for you. What did you marinade in?
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Soysauce, veg. oil, lemon juice, brown sugar, minced garlic, ginger,pepper and honey. I wish i would have taken some pictures.
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I marinade my ribs in Luv from start to finish. Works wonders. As for liquid marinade, haven't tried any yet.
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Now the baby backs really sounds yumo but some Qview would have sent you right over the top.
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So i've noticed everyone sais this 2-2-1 thing, but at what temp? I'm thinking 225? please lmk!
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Yeah, i was at 200-235 all the way.
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Congrats on your smoke. I'll have to try a marinade. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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