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cooked ham

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I must be doing something wrong, everytime I try to use the search on this forum, I get no results. I just searched for the term "ham", and it said no results. hehe

I'd like to smoke a couple of small precooked hams that were on sale. I was thinking of just using my usual butt rub with mustard and smoke them for 2 or 3 hours, they only weigh 2 lbs. each.

Any tips, suggestions?

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Just remember that you are re-heating them and not smoking them. I would just heat them toabout 145 and you can use your rub with both of them ans you should be golden.
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I had that problem at first too . . . in fact I probably had it with the same word. Problem is there's a minimum number of characters you must put in the search for it to execute. Instead of just ham, try "ham smoker" or "smoked ham" or "double smoked ham". Any of those will get you some results. FYI, I did a couple double smoked hams last year and they were wonderful. Good luck!
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