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BB ribs snack for today w-q/view

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grabbed up 3 slabs of BB's weighing in at a total of a little over 9 lbs. Rinsed the ribs in water and cider vinegar, patted dry, removed the membrane, and then slathered with yellow mustard and applied my rub.

(1) rack down low on the WSM, (2) up high, bone side up for the first hour. Coming to be time to flip them.

more pics to follow shortly. thanks for looking
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1 hour flip is done. a little more rub on top. wont open the smoker for a couple hours, let the WSM do its majik.

TBS WSM style..

gettin hungry, and just about to pop the first beer, and shot of Jim Beam..
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your like the Illinois Rib master!
as you said last night about my post
we live also close so you better make sure you always
have some extra and a cold one on hand!
lookig forward to the finish PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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ribs every weekend right..?

if you want to be good, gotta practice..

soon enough well hook up to share some bbq and a few cold ones. I guarantee it. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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sounds like a plan!
do you Golf by any chance?
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i do not, you a golfer lar?
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I golf! LOL cant really say Im a golfer
im bout a 15 handicap. try and get in a couple rounds a week in the nice weather. My sausage making has cut into that a little but I still get out.
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someday maybe ill take up golf, right now its family, bbq, and work that take up my free time.
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took a nap after eating these..

almost done:


glazed(bottom rack Open Pit, middle rack Char-siu, top rack honey):

overall good meaty ribs from RD, liked the how my rub is coming along.

thanks for looking.
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just had a few of these cold from the fridge for breakfast.. almost as good as right from the smoker.
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looks like they turned out really well. they look nice and meaty and not much pull back, a sign of some good quality pork.
so whats on your menu for today?
Im stuck working so there wont be any big smokes for superbowl at my house.
I get home at 3 so we will most likely just be doing a few appetizers and some Bagna caulda. sp? no big bash this year
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thats un-american....icon_smile.gif

two pork butts are finishin up now, I am also doing a pork belly that has been marinating overnight.

Just started defrosting some 8-12 monster shrimp(not gonna smoke them, gonna do em in the broiler).

Also doing some gumbo iusing some pulled pork from a previous smoke, kilbasa, okra, and rice.

should be some good eats.
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Man oh Man there Jim you have a full day of smoking in front of you. Tell the wife that the shrimp are better on the smoker.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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picking my battles... PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

they will be good either way...
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