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Wow good looking smoke Jim! Can't wait to see final pics. points.gif
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thanks mark,

just wish theyd slow down... game is a while off.

I still have some kilbasa, pork belly, and some shrimp to smoke today.
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I'm am almost at 8 hrs, my 1 butt is 187, I usually foil at 175 - 180, but I'm going for some bark this smoke.

chisoxjim if you touch the outside of your butt now, is the bark crispy or spongy?

My upside is the Fat Cap and even though it has darkened up nice like yours, it is still pretty soft..

I will go take a pic...
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Look's Great Jim , nice bark too.
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the outsides are crisping up, I did these fat cap down as an experiment this time, probably keep them that way for most of the time.

My 1st load of lump is about gone, still holding above 220, but i should need to add some more lump and wood chunks shortly. Plus top off the water pan.

The pork belly I am doing should take about 4 hours, the presmoked kilbasa maybe 45 minutes. Shrimp will be quick, right before game time, I might be running the WSM empty for a few hours the rate things are going. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Some Pics...

All injected, sat in fridge all day, minor injection touch up, spread the mustard, and rub-a-dub rubbed... Don't bother asking what that piece is hanging on the left end. It all meat so I left it.

This was at 4am, meat temp 167º

6:00am or 8 hours into smoke... The fat cap is soft and liquefying, so mine is fairly soft. I have never tried Fat Cap down, except once by accident. I think I using the MES I will need to turn over and finish Fat cap down.

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nice lookin butts..

Mine are basically done, Flipped one, some of it stuck to the rack, the other would have done the same. Just reloaded the lump, and some more hickory and apple(9 hours smoke time from the first load of lump, not bad for cold windy temps.),

I put some kilbasa on for my gumbo I am doing. Gonna pull the butts, double foil em, and toss them in a heated cooler, see how long they will hold.
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hit a little stall thankfully, both are sitting right @ 180 now for the past 2 hours. Did something I usually dont do(no I didnt foil em, or toss em in the oven...PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif ). I used a mop and mopped them with some apple juice and Jim Beam. then reapplied my rub. Figured my bark is set, and it might be good.

Gonna take a tmep again @ 10:00.
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basically 12 hours start to finish, pulled the all nighter(nim not one to leave a fire unattended - I like my family and house to much).

bone pullin right out:

sampled a little, moist, full of flavor, bark is great as well.

foiled and now in the cooler for a few hour rest(these will be pulled before the game not halftime).

just about to toss some marinated pork belly on the WSM.
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Those butts truly look awesome.

I went ahead and foiled mine at about 9am, so I'm not going to get the crusty bark you have. Reduced heat to 200º and had plans of getting 3 or 4 hours sleep. Was not to be, the MES was fighting with me at keeping a steady 200º. Outside ambient was steady upper 40s, no wind. I kept going outside and seeing the remote probe monitoring internal cooking temp over 200º (even though I kept reducing the cook temp), and I wanted to keep it between 190-200º.

12 noon put the beast in the cooler. Double wrapped in alum foil, double wrapped in plastic wrap, double wrapped in paper towel, double wrapped in sealing layer of plastic wrap. The Pig cooler sat for 30 min. with water at 180º, air space removed with either towels or paper, and now sealed.

Now I'm off to fry up some Buffalo Hot wings...
Also going to smoke some mushrooms........
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My bark doesn't look as amazing as your bark, the photo is a bit washed out with flash. But I was happy with the bark shown and the other side. I only took one pic, it was Super Bowl half time and I was rushing to get stuff on the table. The bark is pretty firm, the white in the middle is where the meat started to fall apart when removing the foil.

My daughter made from scratch (made the pie dough from scratch) a great Lemon Meringue Pie

Menu Recap:

Pre-game until Half Time...
Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Franks Hot Wing Sauce...
Assorted Veggies and dips
Assorted chips and salsa
Table muchies

Half-time Post Game
Pulled Pork Sliders with Slaw
Roasted Potato salad
Smoked Mushrooms
Assorted Marinated veggies

Lemon Meringue Pie

Only 8 of us this year, but we had fun watched an exciting game, and ate some great food. My two boys are moving out this month, one bought a house with his fiance, dang about time (just kidding we didn't care if they were home for 10 years as long as they saved to get a house, and he met that goal in Jan.) So could be a milestone, who will be here next year?
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nice lookin smoke deltadude, also a great looking meringue

mine pulled really nice, ill post some pics a little later, I have an appointment I gotta knock out first.
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finally downloading the pics, pulled pork was excellent, the WSM performed as it should have. handled the 12 hour smoke with only one lump refill, and I had plenty of fuel left once I was done. Hled 230 the whole time, no vent figgling etc. Temps were anywhere from the teens to the low 30's, didnt matter. Held the butts in the cooler for six hours, they were steaming when i unwrapped them, and they pulled vey easy. Nice color, smoke taste, and moistness. Probably as good as I have done or eaten.

I really should stop being impresses with the WSM, but it amazes me from the top notch quality of bbq it produces, how easy it is to use, how long it can smoke on a load of lump, to how it holds temps. I used to think capacity might be its drawback, but you can turn out alot of food with this thing.

Gumbo was the finest version I have ver turned out, 30+ minute chocolate colored roux, smoked kilbassa, and some pulled pork from a previous smoke. Layers of flavor, nice file bite, just great. Ill probably start a new thread for the gumbo

Sandwiches were great the Hawaiin roles have such a high butter content that they hold up better than any other bun I have had. Slaw made the day before had really come together, crisp, tangy, and sweet. Made the sandwich.

ill post the pics in the next 20 30 mins.
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hope y'all enjoy these pics as much i did taking them.

butt # 1 unwrapped:

clean pull:


dig that ring, and bark:


butt #2(steaming hot after 6 hours in the cooler):


perfection in my world:

thanks for following this thread/smoke. lots of leftovers, and gifts of pulled pork for co-workers, family and friends. RD pork passed the test this weekend from the bb's to the butts.
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Boss, mom, and UPS driver were happy to get a little of this pulled pork and slaw as gifts this am.

love spreadin' the wealth. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Ill be having a sandwich tonight like the one I had SUper Bowl night. Freezing a few pounds of this pork, the rest will become some tacos, and nachos the next couple nights.
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mercy, much like the gumbo, the slaw, and pulled pork was even better than the first night..

looked something like this:

also stashed a few pounds of this pulled pork into my freezer for a rainy day.
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