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Super Bowl Butts w-q/view

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Grabbed up 17#'s of bone in pork butts from RD yesterday. One is about 9 lbs, the other is about 8 lbs. Counting on 16 hour+ smoke for these. Fixin' to put them on the WSM around midnight to have done & rested by halftime of the game for some pulled pork sandwiches topped with my homemade cole slaw from scratch. Ill use RO lump, hickory and apple for the smoke.

Prep work, and injecting the butts has just been done.

Rubbed each but with yellow mustard, and my rub, then injected with the injection I make(apple juice, hot sauce, rub, lea and perrins, etc.).

Injected and wrapped, and now in the fridge. I pull them out before smoking and reapply the rub.




more pics to follow, thanks for looking
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Good lookin butts. They're on sale here for .99/lb so I grabbed a couple. I plan on doing them tonight once I clear the snow off the smoker. :) I might try an injection like yours. sounds good.
Good luck, look forward to seeing the rest of your Qview.
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thanks, good luck with the butts you are doing as well.
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Sounds like my plan as well chisoxjim but minus 11 pounds! If you put them in at midnight when will you add more wood? Do you soak or do dry?
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with the WSM I should be good to go for 10 hours without adding any more fuel or wood(full ring of lump, and a lit chimney starter full with about 6 wood chunks mixed in). Once my temps get low I will do a KISS adder to the fire. a couple wood chunks, some unlight lump, and a chimney full of lit lump to finish out the last bit.

this will be the most pork I have smoked @ one time.
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I'm with you brother, just finished with an injection recipe I never tried before, if it turns out I will post it, so simple, though it kept plugging my injector. I put my spices and rub on without the mustard, in pan and covered with plastic wrap. When ready to cook I will pull out of fridge hit with few more squirts of injection, Jack Daniels Mustard and cover with the Ol pork rub. Should go about 14 hours..

Then spend a few hours tending and getting the rest of the goodies ready, then play online poker for a few hours. Foil, set cooker to 200º and get some sleep, guest will start showing 1-2 pm. Meat will be sealed and insulated in holding cooler until pulling time.
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sounds like you got a good plan there. cant wait to see your pork butt when it is done.
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I too have some butts on today but not for the Super Bowl. Mine ar for other things. Yours how ever are looking like they will be more then yummie for the big Game too. I sure hope that the saints are winning by the time you serve yours.
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Im with ya, go saints.

Im doing some gumbo tomorrow for halftime as well..
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Mmmmm, butts . . . you guys are making me hungry!
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some pics from when I got the butts on @ 11:00, they are coming up on 3 hours now.

gonna be a long night, more pics later.
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Well, this thread sounds like we are up to our necks in butts.


four smokin-men using lots of rub,
And how do you think they did?

chisoxjim with a WSM, Smoking gun in a 'Smoke 'N Pit',
deltadude using a MES, and mballi3011 which cooker to choose?
They all fired up the pits low n slow,
'Twas enough, Done at 200 making any smokin-man happy!

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i like it....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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My solo pork butt took off like it was shot out of a cannon.

I usually am very precise with pre-heat, water load, meat load. However things sort of slipped tonight. Pre-heat fine did a 2 hour pre-heat got the MES over 275, 15 minutes before the 2 hours were up I added the boiling water to the pan and 2 racks. But what is missing here is I had opened the MES about 8 min. prior to that to put in the empty water pan and drip pan.
So the cooker was getting opened 3 times when the meat got loaded.

But NO, it was opened 4 times.
• 1st for drip pan & empty water pan
• 2nd for adding boiling water and 2 racks
• 3rd for loading meat.... Oops mistake put cap side down. realized this as soon as I closed the hatch.
• Reopen remove probe, turn meat, re-insert probe...

Here is a comparison to last weeks pork butt...

Notice the meat temp, 30 deg higher than last week..... Either probe is hitting bone (I tested probe in boiling water prior to insert), or this butt's heat resistivity is low.... ( I am using a secret ingredient in my injection that could cause this too...) Will post ingredients after taste test...

Note: I know the MES is cooking about 15 deg hotter than the MES controller is reporting...

P.S. I sure hope chisoxjim doesn't feel like I hijacked his thread, since we are all doing same thing, thought it would be fun to keep our cook post together...
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Looks like those are gonna be some SUPER BUTTS (no pun intended, well maybe...biggrin.gif)PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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shoot, its all good, your temp charts are thorough and interesting
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the butts I am doing are clipping along good. After 8 hours they are up to 180 degrees. Still on the original fill of lump and wood, and one top off of the waer pan @ 4:00 a.m. Gonna let them go for another couple hours before checking temp again.

5 hour mark:

8 hours rub re-applied:

these are going to spend some time in the cooler for sure, maybe pregame eats instead of halftime chow.. icon_smile.gif
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Looking awesome as always Jim.... Can't wait to see the final results ..
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thanks, they going too quick, hoping the last 25 degrees I need to get to 205 will take a few hours.

the injection was a basic apple juice based one with some cider vinegar, some rub, soy sauce, lea and perrins, hot sauce, and a splash of Jim Beam. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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AHHHHH gonna hafta try that 1..sounds delish !!
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