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pulled pork butt

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So I can't remember who I got this recipe from so my appologies for that.

I got up at 3am last Friday and fired up the smoker. Made a pot of coffee and pulled out the butt from the fridge. Poured a cup'o'joe and started the injections. I only injected about 1/3 of the bottle cause it seemed it just kept oozing out.
Fire was ready about 3:30 so I put the butt in and started the process. I maintained a temp between 200 and 225 for about 12 hours. Adding a log or two approx every hour or so.
Finally pulled it off about 4pm. Served on toasted garlic rolls with tomatoes sauted in olive oil, cilantro, garlic, salt, pepper, and pickled jalapeno juice. Finally garnished with sliced pickled jalapenos. Everybody loved it!

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Looks great!
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great smoke, looks good
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Nice job. Creative with the topings, too.
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Now thats a nice looking butt there Jmlilje. And with that you get some points.giffor your first butt here.
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that looks great!!
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Great Smoke. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifThanks for the Q-view.
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Great Qview!

Love those toppings!!!

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Injection Tip

If you wrap the meat in a couple of layers of plastic wrap before injecting .
It will keep what injection that oozes out on the surface of the meat.
Just inject thru the wrap and put in a pan overnight in the fridge.
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