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E-Bay Vacupack Listings 2/5/10

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Here are some of the newer listings found on E-Bay for used Vacupack units
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I hear that food saver has sold out and they are made really cheap now and that the tilia is the new way to go. My food saver is still going strong too.
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Tilia IS Foodsaver, isn't it?
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these foodsavers that hounds51 has left links for are the only good "foodsaver" brand models ever made. these are the original model which started the company and were made befor the company split up and one half stayed with the same model, currently called vacupak. they are identical and even the parts are interchangable. the other half, well these are the ones sold at costco's, walmarts,etc... throwaways with a limeted lifespan. if looking for a vacpacker these are the ones you want if you want a good one, that or buy a new vacupak.
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Has anybody ever used a Sinbo sealer?
Any opinions on it?
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I bought the Cabela's CG-15 after my old foodsaver bit the dust. Worth every penny!
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Looked at them. Nice units, and they have a good review. I am supprised that they had 170 reviews, as they cost over 400 bucks. I did notice that the unit has 2 piston pumps, so she should pump water, meaning that you shouldn't ruin it if you accidently pump any water into it.
I run water into my vacupack to clean mine. I do a lot of fishin down at the Chessey, and am lookin forward to Vacupacking my catch and deep freezing the fish for a winter fish fry. The reason I keep listing these Vacupack units are the E-Bay used units are cheaper than the new units, which are about 290 bucks. Most people on here don't or can't afford paying that much for a Vacupack, so that is why I list them from E-Bay.
Thanks Dennis
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leave it alone

leave it alone i'm after it lolPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I just ran this one up $11 - I realize I'm competing with fellow forum members but what's reasonable for a used unit?
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I got mine from E-Bay last week for $57.00
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Sounds like a good price - maybe another $20 for shipping?
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Dennis, points.gif for the listings. Please keep listing them. Eventually I hope to have a winning bid.

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Will Do Acemakr
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I presently don't see any listings, on E-Bay for the vacupack type foodsaver. Remember that the type you are looking for is the snorkel type. Stay away from the channel type or Compact foodsaver. Also neither of these have any model # for them. So you must look for the destinctive characteristics of the Vacupack.
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