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What im working with. "Pic heavy"

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Hey gang
Picked up a Char-Broil Double chef for $67 shipped. Not knowing what the quality would be. But figured wth it looked better than anything around here i could buy.

Got it seasoned up and made a few light mods to start with. The first was replaceing the gauge. I used the one it came with as an adaptor for the new one.

Next up was getting some grommits to run the temp probes through. Cheap enough to order but i made some myself out of cable TV conectors.

Second mod was the clay flower pot base. I foil the pan, foil the base and then one more foil over the top to catch drippings. Worked out well !!!

First butt 12 hour cook with one reload PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

Going to do a couple more mods yet. Will keep you all posted.

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What did you use for your cable tv connectors? Did you just drill out the center of a barrel connector? I can't tell what you used. I have lots of those at work and would follow your idea. Great thinking.
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Yes sir! Cut off one side of the male end. Then drilled it out.
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Electrical fittings work great also.
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WOW!!! I wanted one!!! where did you buy it? i havent seen it in any stores?
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Nice job -- that seems like a pretty good price. And you PP looks awesome!!!

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Congrats on that new rig, Bob! Looks like you got a great deal. Nice mods you've made, too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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BargainOutfitters.com offers the Char-Broil Double Chef H2O Smoker and Charcoal Grill, model no. 3594214, for $69.97. Coupon code "SB418" drops it to $64.97. With $7.99 for shipping, that's the lowest total price we could find by $35. This item includes a temperature gauge, two grilling grates, a door for charcoal and marinade pan access, and a removable smoking chamber for straight grilling.

Not sure it its alowed to post other links.
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This smoker is heavy duty like a WSM. I wasn't expecting that when i ordered it. The reason its so cheap now is that CB is going to discontinue it. PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif With some care it should give me my $$$ worth. There were some out of the box tweeks that needed to be done. Lid fitting, Door needed some work etc. Going to add a Guru and diffrent coal ring "hold more". If i can find a pot base big enough to replace the pan all together. That would be cool. It works really good!
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I have recommended this smoker as an WSM alternative for those on a tight budget.

What do you think of the build quality and what your get for the price?

Do you think this is a good alternative to the WSM?
• Is the cooking shell heavy like the WSM?
• What about the grate quality, and other components?
• How about the legs?
• How does the shape differences compare to the WSM in terms of performance?
• How about holding temp, the WSM is famous for holding temp for hours?

Besides the temp gauge and probe holes mods, what else is necessary to make this smoker a winner?
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Care to share where you found this deal?

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Crazy sweet!! I just ordered this today, nice seeing this thread. I've been eyeballing (thanks to deltadude for the idea) this one and decided to grab it after the price dropped $10. Some good reviews on amazon and other sites. I wanted to ease my way into a charcoal smoker and this was to good of deal to pass up.

Bargainoutfitters has this on sale for $69 + shipping. I found a $5 off coup as well, came to about $72.

$5 off $49+
Coupon Code: BF189
Expires: 2/12/2010


Keep the mods coming!
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What is the reasoning for the flower pot mod? Is this being used in lieu of something? Thanks.
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Its bigger than the WSM 18.5in. Not as big as the 22. So far i like the flower pot base. One less thing "water" i have to deal with. For now anyways. In the summer that may change.

The top fits the body very tight. When it heats up its even worse. I knew this going into it before i had it home. Once home i put a ruler on the lid and body. Both were out of round 1/2 in or more. This is typical in metal forming "manufacturing". I simply started working them back into shape with a little body weight.

Both WSM hold more coal. The door on the WSM is in the mid section. The door on the "Fat Boy" Dubbed from LostArrow on the CB site. Is on the bottom section. Called Fatboy because it looks like the first A-Bomb PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

The coal ring is one area im working on. The setup as is is great but i would like to hold more fuel. Not alot of room between the pan and coal ring. I'll post some pics of the areas.

Love the ash cup!! Makes cleaning out the ashes so much better. We are talking about a $67 smoker after all.
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Nice. I can't wait to get this! Got my shipping confirm today so next week I should have it.

What is the brand/model of your new temp gauge?
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Bottom section with ash cup. Also can see the vents. There are two sliders with two holes each.

Inside showing the coal ring and bottom.

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I might see if i can find a 14in pot base. If so that would give me the clearance to add a taller coal ring.
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Thanks for the pics Bronx. I got this from a review on amazon and maybe this will help the fuel time. I would like to see this, I'm more of a visual person when it comes to modifying stuff:

The charcoal grate has very low walls and doesn't allow a deep stack of charcoals for extended (overnight) cooking. I found a very inexpensive "fix" for that.

A cheap, 12-in diameter, 4 inch deep, $2 aluminum roasting pan - if you cut the bottom out and sit it on top of the cooking grate - can nearly double you charcoal capacity, and cooking time - to nearly 12 hours on a single cook. This is during cold 30-40 degree winter days, so the time may be extended even further during the warmer spring and summer months. And it's reusable so it pays for itself really quickly.
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12-in diameter, 4 inch deep, $2 aluminum roasting pan. Ive been looking!
The problem is the coal ring measures 11 3/4 ID. You then would have to make a U shape cut out for the door side. Otherwise you wouldnt be able to put wood/coal in it. There isnt alot of room between the pan and the coals. As it is you can get 7-8 hour burn just with what it has. I would like a little more. I dont think there is any smoker on the market thats perfect. Part of the fun is modifying it and making it your own.

This is somthing i was thinking of. Although im going to use expanded metal if i can find it.

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Congrats on the new smoker and it looks like it working just fine for you too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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