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Thank you Sir.. ;-)
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And so it has begun...the snow started to fal about 20 minutes ago mad.gif
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We'll send more snow your way. It started here(north of Baltimore) around 2:00. So far not sticking to the roads but the wind is picking up. Be careful and stay home. I'm doing BBribs and ABTs tomorrow and Super Bowl.
Must stay warm some how.
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Hoping the snow doesn't get too bad here in NC, got people coming over for the SB expecting a brisket, and I haven't had a day off since Tues to do it early....could be an interesting day Sun!

And yes, Yuengling rocks. If I could get it in KC when I'm home visiting the Fam, and get Boulevard Wheat here in NC, I'd be set!
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Getting snow here in Md too. But I will shovel out of it to smoke some ribs for the gme on Sun, Your butt lookes great
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Nice looking butts! I checked this thread earlier and saw the comments on the Yuengling. I needed beer for the weekend and checked the food lion ad here near my work and they had a case (cans) of their Lager on sale for $13.99. So the wife and I will be working through it this weekend. I've had it once a few years back, didn't remember the taste but I'm really enjoying it right now! Good stuff.

You snow folks hang in there!!
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Y'all just keep the snow up there, please!
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