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Thanks again Joe... I recieved them in the mail this week and got them started tonight...
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good to hear!!!! How'd ya like the lil sample?? lol
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LOL...waiting for the right time...when my kids are around to try it...
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I grow my own right beside my Okra . It most times adds heat to the okra . I did mention I grow Jalopenos and Bhut Jolokias ! Good job on the Chili !
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Hi Joe

I got them today...thanks for sharing...I think I'll keep the little sample for the next time wifey makes a big batch of chili. I read your instructions and warnings about handling these little fire balls so if I burst into flames or somehow suffer from spontaneous combustion I can't say that I wasn't warned. Thanks again.
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I planted several varieties of peppers this year. I didn't want anything too hot. I didn't even get habanero's. But I should have done a little research because I planted a couple Caribbean red hot's which are supposed to be twice as hot as a normal orange habanero. 445,000 Scoville units! Ouch. I'm gonna dig them back up, put them in pots, and plant on the other side of the yard so there is no chance of cross pollination.
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good choice. I had some sweet peppers cross with habaneros last year and that made for some interesting stuffed green peppers.....My wife dam near beat me for that
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