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french dip au jus recipies anyone?

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got a nice fat brisket in the fridge marinading, injected wednesday with some roasted garlic basalmic marinade. i want to slice some up and make some french dip sandwiches for the game sunday. my question is to make an au jus dipping sauce, can you catch any drippings and add beef boulion, broth onions and make somthing different? i'll post q view as i go along
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Beef drippings are best, but our practice does not normally lend itself to that.

So bullion will be required to make the au jus.

This is mine:

1 bottle cabernet sauvignon
3 cups water
enough bullion (beef) for 6 cups
2 Tbsp worcestershire

2 sprigs fresh rosemary (or 2 tsp dry rosemary leaves)
1 tbsp cracked pepper
1 tbsp thyme
1 tbsp onion powder
1 tsp red pepper flakes
1 tsp table grind black pepper
1 tsp basil
1 tsp oregano

Add it to the pot, bring it to a boil, reduce it down to 2.5 cups of liquid.
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I would just place a pan of beef broth and some sliced onion under the brisket to catch its own drippings.
Jus is French for its own juices so normally you would use the drippings from your meat or the liquid it cooked in and skim the fat and *poof* Au Jus.
There are lots of recipes but my favorite is as simple as that, broth and sliced onions under your meat in the smoker.
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The BBQ I worked at 30+ years ago we just dipped the sliced beef in a pot of water on the steam table. Of course it took a bit to get it going the first time. Every morning out of the fridge we took the fat off. Every other day we screened it and dumped out half and filled with water. Nothing else was ever added and it was the best Au Jus Ive had. We used the same pot for ham, beef and pork sammies, that might have contributed to the flavor. icon_smile.gif Man I miss that place!icon_neutral.gif
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That's all I do. I use the beef base mix from Sam's Tones brand. No brainer.
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Thanks for the info guys. Sounds easy enough. Need to try that.
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I'm with Fire too with this one.
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what ron, no yoshidas in the mix?
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heres a shot of the brisky after two days of seranading in the fridge, got some nice rolls today from the baker and ready to make some au jus. I'm gonna combine your suggestions and pool the thoughts into one idea, i like the thought of catching drippings but to keep it from evaporating i will use fire it up's idea and add a cup or so of beef broth, some onions and BBally idea of some wine and wooochester gonna add some beef bullion also and a little spices. meeteater had a good idea but i need three or four days to do it. My daughter is coming home this weekend from gainesville (GO GATORS) and loves french dip so i hope it turns out good.

i hope to get a vidalia onion tomorrow for the onion in the mix.
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I used to be a process consulting engineer for Gate Energy in Gainsville. Did the battery plant their for years. Go GATORS!

You will keep notes, you will report results, you will post notes so we can try the final concoction you produce! Is that CLEAR?PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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OK Sarge
Semper Fi
two brothers were in the corps (one in desert storm)
one was in the navy, pilot (HELPED IN RAID ON kHADAFFI) flew the rader plane
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heres a little update, got up and got everything on the gosm by 7:00 am to let it havea good run all day, you can see the brisket rubbed down, the pan of au jus is gonna go right under the brisket for maybe the first four hours? by then i would think no more dripping so i'll pull it and save it for later. got my apple woood going gonna cook at 225 with out side temp a lovely 80 degrees today, guessing 10 - 12 hour smoke

got my assistant ready to go
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Wow that bulldog produced a lot larger brisket after butchering then I would have thought.icon_mrgreen.gif

Looks great!
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heres some updated pics, finished smoking ,trimmed and ready to make some sandwiches, outstanding flavor, the Au jUs is very tasty!!!
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Great looking brisket and Au Jus. Great looking helper ya got there also. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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my au jus was very salty, my blood presure shot up 20 points, was it the beef bouillion cubes or maybe the beef broth???
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Depends on your spicing of the meat, the type of bullion, and how far you reduced it.
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the meat on its own was awsome but the au ju sacue was the culprit, i beleive itis the booullion or the broth
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How much did you reduce it? How much liquid and how much bullion?
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